Watch the video: Wrong Way

By Phil Murphy

Later this afternoon, Governor Chris Christie will take a break from his presidential campaign to deliver the State of the State address to New Jerseyans.

Unfortunately, he won’t likely tell it like it really is.

While Christie has been pursuing his political ambitions, New Jersey’s been in trouble — we’re ranked 47th in economic growth and our unemployment rate is the highest in the region.

Watch this video before the State of the State to help give Christie some straight talk and share it to show him it’s time for a New Way for New Jersey:

Last year, Governor Christie spent 261 partial or full days traveling outside of the state — almost all of it to campaign for president while New Jersey has been ranked the 45th worst place in the country to make a living. He’s put his ambitions ahead of New Jersey’s hard working families.

I know a better tomorrow is in our future, and the only way we create a New Way for New Jersey is if folks like you help to hold Christie accountable and keep building this organization.

Thank you.