Thank President Obama for taking action on guns

By Phil Murphy

Yesterday, President Barack Obama showed Governor Christie what real leadership looks like when he took action to close loopholes that allow dangerous individuals to purchase firearms online and at gun shows without a background check.

President Obama’s action stands in stark contrast to the vetoes Governor Chris Christie issued to legislation that would have made it harder for people with violent mental health disorders and convicted domestic abusers to acquire or keep firearms in New Jersey.

I’m proud of President Obama — and I hope you’ll send a message to Governor Christie and the Republicans in Trenton by signing the card for the President.

A New Way for New Jersey starts with making our communities safe places where education, businesses, and families have the opportunity to thrive and prosper.

But Governor Christie calls measures to make it harder for dangerous individuals to get high-powered firearms “absurd” and “much ado about nothing.”

If we’re going to get Trenton politicians to take action on gun safety, then we have to show them New Jerseyans are standing with President Obama — sign the card.

Thank you.