Meet Phil

Phil Murphy is a lifelong Democrat who is optimistic about New Jersey’s future, and he knows we need a new way to get New Jersey moving in the right direction.

Phil and his family

As Phil says, he “grew up in a family that was middle class on a good day.” His mom was a secretary, his dad never graduated high school and took any job he thought could help him support his family — even working as a paid pallbearer.

His parents taught him the values of hard work and a good education, so Phil did well in school and went to Harvard, where he put himself through on loans and part-time jobs. After earning a graduate degree, he started his career at the bottom, working his way up to help lead a major international business by learning how economies grow and create jobs. Today, Phil and his wife, Tammy, are the very proud parents of Josh, Emma, Charlie, and Sam.

Phil keeps a picture right behind his desk of his mother meeting President John F. Kennedy, and to honor that spirit he’s worked to give back to his community. He’s led charities to help troubled teens and domestic abuse survivors, and these organizations have changed thousands of lives for the better. Nationally, Phil serves proudly on the board of the NAACP, the world’s oldest civil rights organization.

In 2009, Phil answered President Barack Obama’s call to service and became the U.S. Ambassador to Germany after his confirmation by the U.S. Senate.


Phil has also fought for opportunity, fairness and justice for all through his involvement in the Democratic Party. He served as Finance Director of the Democratic National Committee, helping to elect Barack Obama. He worked with Howard Dean on the fifty-state strategy that rebuilt the Democratic Party from the grassroots up.

Now, Phil started New Way for New Jersey to help fix a broken state that fails too many families. While Republicans from Chris Christie to Donald Trump to Ben Carson promote ideas that would shut the doors to opportunity, New Way will work to open them.

These days, it feels like New Jersey families are getting squeezed from every direction: the cost of living goes up, the opportunity to move ahead is going away, and politicians look out for themselves instead of doing what’s best for our state.

But Phil was brought up believing we are all in this together — and that’s the only way we’re going to chart a new course for New Jersey.

Let’s get started on a New Way for New Jersey that’s focused on working together to grow the middle class and make this state a great place for generations to come.