A New Way

Phil Murphy is a lifelong Democrat who is optimistic about New Jersey, and he knows we need a new way to get New Jersey moving in the right direction.

As Phil says, he “grew up in a family that was middle class on a good day.” His mom was a secretary, his dad never graduated high school and took any job he thought could help him support his family — even working as a professional pallbearer.

His parents taught him the values of hard work and a good education, so Phil did well in school and got into Harvard, where he put himself through on loans and part-time jobs. After getting a graduate degree, he started his career at the bottom, working his way up to help lead a major international business by understanding how economies grow and create jobs. Today, Phil and his wife, Tammy, are the very proud parents of Josh, Emma, Charlie, and Sam.

Phil started New Way for New Jersey to help fix a broken state that fails too many families. While Republicans from Chris Christie to Donald Trump to Ben Carson promote ideas that would shut the doors to opportunity, New Way for New Jersey will work to open them.

New Way for New Jersey is a political organization that will promote a progressive middle-class agenda among Democrats in New Jersey and work with allies who share that mission.

A plan for more “Good Days”

On a good day, New Jersey creates jobs with a future so workers can support their families and save for a secure retirement. Here’s how we get there:

  • Guaranteeing pay equity for women.
  • Bringing the cost of college back within reach for New Jersey families.
  • Strengthening our public schools instead of attacking students, parents, and teachers.
  • Helping students and teachers by expanding what works and changing what doesn’t.
  • Doing the hard work we have to do to improve our roads, repair our bridges, and make our rail system and ports the envy of the nation so workers in New Jersey can take advantage of our unique location.

A good day is when New Jersey’s government decides it’s time to provide the tools we need to get ahead. Most of all, a good day is a vision and a plan so New Jersey families succeed in the long run, and have good days just about everyday.

“Here’s how you grow New Jersey’s middle class and our economy at the same time: invest in our people, invest in our state, and put special interest politics out of business. It’s time for a New Way for New Jersey.”

Phil Murphy – Chair, New Way for New Jersey