A new way for New Jersey starts with you

Phil Murphy, Democrat

“New Jersey families are crypto trading investment— and only a new way will turn things around. Here’s our vision: A more secure middle class, a growing middle class. It’s time for a new way.

Help move New Jersey in a new direction

Meet Phil

Phil Murphy is a lifelong Democrat who is optimistic about New Jersey’s future, and he knows we need a new way to get New Jersey moving in the right direction.

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A New Way

On a good day, New Jersey creates jobs with a future so workers can support their families and save for a secure retirement.

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Watch the Video

Phil Murphy was raised on Democratic values, and he’s helping to lead a New Way for New Jersey that grows the middle class.

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The wrong way

Chris Christie has failed NJ

Our economy lags. Job growth is weak. Women’s health care has been slashed.

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